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        2. Jinzhou yuanyu Chen Technology Co. Ltd. welcome your visit!

          4N copper 5N copper High purity oxygen free copper Electronic gradeOFC

          ABOUT US

          Jinzhou Yuanyu Chen Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2015, is a high-tech manufacturing enterprises, with electron beam, plasma, high frequency and other high-end metal smelting equipment, and has independent import and export rights
          The company production of high pure copper is mainly used in electric vacuum, NMR, superconducting and semiconductor target field, the purity of product is 99.999%, the oxygen content is less than 5ppm, the index is much higher than that of C10100 American Standard, high pure chromium target is mainly used in coating, special steel, aerospace, nuclear steel and other additives.

          development history


           Address: Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province


           Contacts:Mr. Tian   13840603740


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